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What is Strawberry Laser Lipo?

The Strawberry Laser is completely non-invasive, completely non-surgical, and completely non-painful! FDA cleared for U.S. use, the Strawberry Laser has been successfully melting the fat and re-contouring the figures of millions of clients in over 30 countries for several years. When liposuction or other surgical body contouring procedures are less desirable options, Strawberry Laser treatments can yield noticeable, measurable results. Most clients will see a difference with their very first treatment session! We’ve grown accustomed to our clients being thrilled with the results – right from their very first session! 

One of the advantages to the Strawberry Laser is that the procedure works on the fat cells in a process that is very similar to exercise. It causes the fat cells to open, releasing fat, and therefor shrinking. It is as close to what happens naturally in your body as a procedure can be. 


Laser lipo procedures that kill or remove the fat cells change the way the fat is disbursed in your body. If you remove fat cells from the area that you typically gain fat, when you eat fat, it still has to go somewhere. A problem with that is the fat goes to new places. We have had multiple clients who have come to us after having other procedures who have chased the fat all over their body, having to have more procedures. For instance, if you typically gain fat in your tummy and you kill or remove the fat cells from that area, when you eat fat it goes to a new area. From our experience, for women, that it’s typically the thighs or arms. For men, it seems to most often migrate toward the chest or neck.

Another advantage to the Strawberry Laser is that it is completely noninvasive and requires zero downtime. We actually love it when our clients plan to go straight to do their exercise.

How Many Treatments does it take?

The Strawberry Laser helps our clients reshape their bodies – without liposuction, without surgery! Why not trim down those annoying, trouble spots of bulging fat by melting them away?! For clients looking for a simple “walk in, walk out” alternative to surgery, without any restrictions or downtime, the Strawberry Laser is a safe, affordable, non-invasive option that can achieve very reasonable results. Most clients will achieve their goals with a series of 8 -10 treatment sessions – just two a week – within only about a month! 

How Does the Strawberry Laser Work?

 ​Can a “strawberry” melt the fat away? The answer is yes, yes, yes! The Strawberry Laser Lipo system has an array of multiple tiny “cold” lasers which shine harmlessly and painlessly on the surface of your skin, passing quietly into the fat tissue underneath, where the laser stimulates your fat to melt! The liquefied lipids are then transported away by your lymphatics and expelled from the body the exact same way as if the fat had been burned off by exercise! We recommend a series of 8 – 10 treatment sessions for best results, during which most clients will experience real, measurable reshaping results! No pain, no restrictions, no downtime!  


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